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Основные публикации

Основные публикации GEMMA, в работу над которыми значительный вклад внесли сотрудники группы Н1 ИТЭФ

  1. A.S. Starostin et al., Low-Background Ge – NaI Spectrometer for Measurement of the Neutrino Magnetic Moment, Phys. of Atomic Nucl., Vol. 61, No 1(1998)pp. 66 - 73.
  2. A.G. Beda(A.S. Starostin) et al., The First Result of the Neutrino Magnetic Moment Measurement in the GEMMA Experiment. Phys. of Atomic Nucl., Vol. 70, No 11(2007) pp.1873 - 1884.
  3. A.G. Beda(A.S. Starostin) et al., GEMMA Experiment: Three Years of the Search for the Neutrino Magnetic Moment. Phys. Of Particles and Nuclei Letters, 2010,v.7. No.6, pp. 406 – 409.
  4. A.G. Beda (A.S. Starostin)et al., Upper Limit on the Neutrino Magnetic Moment from Three Years of Data from the GEMMA Experiment. arXiv:1005.2736v2[hep-ex] Oct 2010.(submitted to Nuclear Physics A).
  5. V.B. Brudanin et al., Antineutrino Detector for On-Line Monitoring of Nuclear Reactor Parameters, arXiv [in preparation]

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