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                        Уважаемые коллеги! 

   В среду 23 Марта (11 часов, Конференц-зал) состоится Семинар ИТЭФ:

                          А.Н. Никитенко 

        "Proposals to search for New Physics in Higgs and

                   lepto-quark sectors at LHC" 


In collaborations with theorists a two new analyses have been proposed to search for Beyond Standard Model Physics at LHC.

The decay of heavy pseudo-scalar Higgs boson into Z and heavy scalar H with the dilepton and di-top final state is considered taking into account constraints from h125 measurements and strong 1st order Electro Weak Phase Transition in Early Universe.

In the framework of a superstring inspired SUSY model E6SSM it has been proposed to search for pair of scalar lepto-quark production with the fully hadronic tau tau t t~ final state.

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