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Положение о премии И.Я. Померанчука

Statute of Pomeranchuk Prize

In order to perpetuate the memory of an outstanding scientist Isaak Yakovlevich Pomeranchuk (1913 - 1966) the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics (ITEP) has established the Pomeranchuk Prize.

The Prize is awarded for outstanding achievements in all fields of theoretical physics, to which I.Ya.Pomeranchuk had contributed.

The Prize is awarded annually on the basis of a contest that is announced by ITEP.

The nomination for the Prize is exercised by physicists who have the degree of Doctor of Science or the status of Professor. Selfnominations are not accepted. Nobel Prize winners can not be nominated. The nomination should contain a short description of main scientific results, a short list of corresponding references, and a short CV of the candidate. It should be sent by email not later than February 1st to pomeron@heron.itep.ru.

The International Pomeranchuk Prize Committee selects the laureates . The members of the Committee are appointed by the Chairman (following the advice of the members of Scientific-Technical Council of ITEP) for four years. There may be a second four-year appointment. For the sake of continuity some of the founding members will serve for five to seven years. During the first contest, which marks the 85th day of birth of I.Ya.Pomeranchuk the candidates are nominated by the members of the Committee. Members of the Committee can be nominated as candidates.

The decision of the award of the Prize is taken by confidential vote by email. The decision is considered to be valid, if two thirds of the Committee members have voted. The Prize is awarded to two candidates who received the largest numbers of votes.

The laureate receives a certificate and monetary prize, usually at a meeting of the Scientific-Technical Council of ITEP.

The decision of the Pomeranchuk Prize Committee is announced on May 20, the birthday of I.Ya.Pomeranchuk.

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